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Policy Brief #7 – The BioMonitor model toolbox for addressing critical knowledge gaps in support of the implementation of European Bioeconomy Strategy

Policy brief - 14 Nov 2022, PDF - 661.73 KB

The implementation of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy is “on track” to achieve most of its objectives and to advance the circular and sustainable economy in the EU. However, the European Commission and bioeconomy stakeholders have highlighted critical knowledge gaps that will hinder further progress. In this policy brief, critical knowledge gaps and how the toolbox will develop insights about the possible futures of the bioeconomy have been addressed. These insights will inform policy making in support of further implementation of a circular and sustainable bioeconomy in the EU


Policy Brief #6 – The Bioeconomy and the Transformation of Food Systems: the links between BioMonitor and a Report by a European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group

Policy brief - 14 Nov 2022, PDF - 674.76 KB

The European Commission has established a High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) to assess how to strengthen science–policy interfaces for better food systems governance. In June 2022, the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission published a report by the HLEG entitled Everyone at the Table: Transforming Food Systems by Connecting Science, Policy and Society. In this policy brief, a closer look is given at some of the intersections of the findings of the HLEG report with the outcomes of the BioMonitor project.


Developing BioMAT: A new conceptual framework to model the market of bio-based materials in the EU

- 31 Oct 2022, PDF - 459.86 KB

To provide an early theoretical basis for the upcoming modelling of supply chains of the bio-based materials market, this short communication presents the conceptual framework underlying the BioMAT (Bio-based MATerials) model, developed in the course of the EU H2020 BioMonitor project.


Accompanying document for BioMonitor data platform

Deliverable - 28 Oct 2022, PDF - 1.00 MB

This deliverable provides information on how to access it, how it is structured, what can be found on the BioMonitor Data Platform



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