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BioMonitor: past and future of the bioeconomy

Deliverable - 27 Sep 2022, PDF - 2.88 MB

The work of the BioMonitor project sought to fill the information gap about the bioeconomy contribution to sustainable development by providing key data, modelling and guidance to industry and EU policy makers. With this starting point, the project's final publication for D9.7 – Second version of the leaflet provides contributions from all partners to highlight and describe in detail all the main outcomes of the work of each WP at the end of the project (M52).    


Advances in Measuring the Bioeconomy

presentations - 20 Sep 2022, PPTX - 866.36 KB

“The objective of the life science company is no longer to generate breakthroughs in a single area such as medicine  chemicals or food but to become a dominant player in all of these” Juan Enriquez,  "Genomics and the World’s Economy" Science, 1998


The Future of agriculture and the bioeconomy

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The challenges ahead: food security, loss of biodiversity, climate change and humanity responses


Bioeconomy: Real Options and Sustainability

presentations - 20 Sep 2022, PPTX - 1.14 MB

"The need to achieve sustainability constitutes a strong incentive to modernise our industries and to reinforce Europe’s position in a highly competitive global economy, thus ensuring the prosperity of its citizens” (European Commission, 2018, p. 4, EU Bioeconomy Strategy Update)



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