The new BioMonitor Page Flow on case studies

The BioMonitor project is happy to share the new storytelling page flow to report the work of six case studies carried out within the project, led by WP8, the Catholic University of Milan. 

News Post - 18 Jan 2022

Discover the page flow here.

Bioeconomy is experiencing a continuous growth in Europe in the last twenty years since it is considered the answer to environmental, economic and social challenges such as climate change. However, this growth is not accompanied by a consistent evolution of related statistics and information, leaving a gap that BioMonitor aims to close, establishing a sustainable and robust monitoring framework to measure bioeconomy and its social and economic impacts. The ultimate goal of the project is indeed to get a clearer picture of how bioeconomy affects our lives, and it does so thanks also to the case studies conducted in the project.

To this end, the consortium partners jointly developed a case study protocol. The protocol provides a set of theoretical and practical guidelines for setting up an appropriate study design, anticipating key questions, attributes, sources of evidence, tools, and methods. The specific objective of Deliverable 8.1  is to develop a case study protocol and verify and confirm the pre-selected case studies. Case study research plays a crucial role in the monitoring of the bioeconomy development. Thus, the BioMonitor project conducted six industry-based and country-level case studies to develop, test, and showcase the implementation of the data and modelling framework in collaboration with stakeholders.

The page flow describes the six case studies and the methodology used in the conducted research, respectively: 1) Non-wood-based products; 2) Employment growth and creation of biorefineries in the EU; 3) Chemical industry; 4) Market dynamics of feed amino acids and insect biomass; 5) Circularity in the bio-based packaging industry; 6) Socio-economic impacts of wastewater valorisation: the case of biofertilizers in Italy.

Cover photo by Nong V on Unsplash