Webinar on boosting bio-based products to the market through standardization

As the European Commission requested the development of standards for the bio-based industry, a set of experts, including a partner from the BioMonitor project, will discuss these developed standards in detail during their webinar on October 2, 2020.

Press release - 28 Sep 2020

In Europe, the bio-based sector is growing. It can lower our consumption of fossil resources as the products offer a sustainable form of materials. Given the fast-changing policy scene in Europe, the bio-based market must adapt and meet the demands of making sustainable bio-based products. A webinar will take place next week (October 2, 10:00-11:00 CEST) to discuss the next steps bio-based industries must take to boost their products in the future in terms of standardization.


What are bio-based products?

These are new products which can be wholly or partially composed of materials from biogenic origin.  An important step to boost the bio-economy was the mandate from the European Commission on the development of several standards for the biobased industry to harmonize methodologies and technologies. The standards for bio-based carbon content have been developed by the CEN/TC 411 committee on “Biobased products”. These standards include details on determining bio-based content, sustainability criteria and Life Cycle Assessment.


What is the role of the BioMonitor project?

The main goal of the BioMonitor project is to provide a better picture of the bioeconomy by addressing its information gap observed today. One of its key actions is to increase the abilities to monitor the development of the bioeconomy. Data on production, amounts and trade of bio-based products are still scarce and are not well disclosed. In the coming period, BioMonitor partners TNO and NEN will organize several training sessions with different groups of stakeholders on the background and use of the standard for bio-based carbon.


What can you expect in the webinar?

The webinar will provide participants with insights into the current bio-based market and the standards available for bio-based products. The discussion will shift towards future actions, such as encouraging companies to create sustainable bio-based products.

André van Zomeren from TNO will give a presentation next week on the background of the standards for bio-based carbon and bio-based content and how these can benefit the industry. The realization of European standards enables reliable and comparable results, and it is also possible to certify bio-based products. These developments help increase clarity on the market and will contribute to generating more quantitative data on the growth of the bioeconomy.

Other speakers include Francois de Bie (Total Corbion PLA), who is also the Chairman of CEN/TC 411 ‘Biobased products’ and Chairman of European Bioplastics, Ylwa Alwarsdotter (SEKAB Biofuels & Chemicals AB), and Alessia Gaetani (CEN).


Now that the webinar has ended, you may watch the recording here: