A former BioMonitor colleague to receive the CEN-CENELEC life-time achievement award

The BioMonitor Project is very proud to announce that a former BioMonitor colleague, Ortwin Costenoble from NEN, will receive the CEN-CENELEC life-time achievement award

News Post - 06 Dec 2021

His CEN/TC Manager ending will be marked by the online Pin Award Ceremony (honouring TC Chairs and Secretaries who had an outstanding contribution to the development of CEN and/or CENELEC standardization activities in 2021), where he will receive his life time achievement award.

The CEN-CENELEC Technical Body Awards Ceremony aims at paying tribute to a selection of Technical Body Officers. The nomination for the Awards ceremony is made by Members of CEN and CENELEC represented in the Technical Boards, following a strict selection procedure based on the Technical Body Officers’ professional and soft skills, as well as a their high degree of commitment, knowledge and expertise.

Ortwin will be leaving NEN next year and will undertake a new challenge in becoming the global standardization leader for PAC – a producer of laboratory test equipment in the oil and gas sector. His task will be to support standardization in many areas and committees, but also build a team of standardization experts around him who will participate (more) in ASTM, ISO and CEN meetings on their own. PAC also wants to tackle new topics such as hydrogen. Furthermore, he would be tasked to assist the sales and support organizations in Asia to play a role in the national standards committees and standardization policy over there.

Cover Picture by Wan San Yip on Unsplash