Webinar: Bioeconomy as an approach towards sustainable development

6 May 2021

On May 6, the BioMonitor project in partnership with the ICABR and Sustainable Co-Production will have its webinar as one of its Partner Events for the EU Green Week 2021. It will discuss the bioeconomy’s potential contribution to our overall well-being and health


Organised together with the International Consortium on Applied and Bioeconomy Research (ICABR) and Sustainable Co-Production, this webinar is an official Partner Event of the EU Green Week 2021. It aimed to inform stakeholders on the bioeconomy’s potential contribution to our overall well-being and health through a series of actions: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, by creating more sustainable consumer goods, and by creating new employment opportunities in rural areas.


In this webinar, leading international scholars reflected on the sustainable development potential of the bioeconomy with a focus on the EU. Moreover, EU success stories and partner projects will be presented.


Topics include:

  • Sustainable development, and well-being;
  • Bioeconomy, decarbonization, and biodiversity;
  • The many uses of hemp;
  • Cyanophycin from tobacco: prospects and EU consumer views


The speakers in this webinar include:

  • Regina Birner, Chair of Social and Insitutional Change in Agricultural Development at Hans-Ruthenberg-Institute of the University of Hohenheim (DE)
  • Justus Wesseler, Professor and Chair in Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy at Wageningen University (NL)
  • David Zilberman , Professor and Robinson Chair, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley (USA)
  • Rafael Dulon, CEO of HANF FARM GmbH (DE)
  • Inge Broer, Professor of Agrobiotechnology and Risk Assessment for Bio- and Gene Technology at University of Rostock (DE)
  • Ursula Weisenfeld, Professor of Innovation Management at the Institute of Management & Organisation (IMO) at Leuphana University (DE)
  • Carl Pray, Distinguished Professor in the Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics Department, the School for Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (USA)


The webinar has ended. You may watch the recording here.


6 May 2021 from 15:00 to 17:00 (Europe/Rome)