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Policy Brief #5 – Framework for Assessing the Development of a Circular Bioeconomy

Policy brief - 19 Jul 2021, PDF - 329.70 KB

This Policy Brief will explore the quantifying range of indicators available to measure the progress of the circular bioeconomy. This broad palette of indicators makes it harder for policymakers to consider all of them in their decisions. Here a theoretical framework is devised, to accommodate any number of well-defined quantitative indicators and make it easier for decision-makers to see the overall development of the circular bioeconomy. One of the findings is that the circular bioeconomies of ten EU countries generally progressed over the period of 2006–2016, but not all indicators exhibited this general development.


Value Added of the EU bioeconomy

presentations - 01 Jul 2021, PDF - 385.46 KB

Input output flow between 100% bioeconomy industries and partly bioeconomy industries creates the downstream and upstream effects.


Collection and consumption of non-wood forest products in Europe

Paper - 25 May 2021

This paper analyses the trends happening in different parts of Europe when dealing with NWFPs. In Western Europe, NWFPs seem to be collected for recreational purposes while in Eastern Europe, this represents a significant contribution to household income, which is something not previously captured

Policy Brief #4 – Measuring the size of EU Bioeconomy by Input-Output Approach

Policy brief - 23 Apr 2021, PDF - 309.34 KB

This policy brief illustrates the development of the value-added of the bioeconomy for 28 European Union Member States and 16 industries using Input-Output statistics from 2005 to 2015. The measurement method proposes a model that includes the up and down-stream linkages of sectors of the bioeconomy. The results show that for the majority of the EU member States the value added of the up- and down-stream sector ranges between 40%-50% of the total bioeconomy value added and has on average increased since the financial crisis.



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