Technical insights


D8.8: Report on case study “The Bioeconomy Pilot from the Vanguard Initiative”

Deliverable - 08 Feb 2022, PDF - 2.02 MB

Preserving natural resources and ensuring global food security are among the greatest challenges facing contemporary agriculture. The valorization of waste into by-products applying circularity principles is a central theme for the bioeconomy and a way to foster sustainable economic development.


D8.6: Case study “Circularity in the bio-based packaging industry”

Deliverable - 08 Feb 2022, PDF - 973.22 KB

This case study investigates the potential of monitoring the circularity of bio-based packaging via the calculation of so-called circularity indicators.


D8.5: Case study “Dynamics in the bioeconomy: from infant products to largescale production”

Deliverable - 08 Feb 2022, PDF - 1.60 MB

Many feed-grade amino acids are already produced on a large scale, other amino acids are "newcomers" to the and their production volumes are rather low. The main challenges for the producers of such "new" feed amino acids are the low market uptake and demand as well as the high costs, especially related to the legislation regulating the placing of a new amino acid as a feed additive on the EU market.


D8.4: Case study “Chemical industry”

Deliverable - 08 Feb 2022, PDF - 473.52 KB

This case study will focus on a selected part of the chemical industry and will apply the developed monitoring methodologies to assess the applicability to a diverse sector which consists of both mature and new industries using bio-based materials.



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