“Circular Approach and the Sustainability of the Agro-food System” workshop

A change is necessary to prevent further over‒exploitation of the earth’s resources by reducing the use of raw materials through more efficient use within cycles.

News Post - 03 May 2019

On April 3rd 2019, OECD and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture organised the workshop on ‘Circular Approach and the Sustainability of the Agro-food System’. During the workshop policy makers, researchers and representatives from the agro-food sector explored the potential contribution of circular approaches to sustainable production and productivity growth in the agro-food system.

Justus Wesseler, coordinator of BioMonitor was lead speaker in the session “Setting the scene: Key Policy Issues and Challenges” during which he gave a talk entitled “Opportunities and Policy Challenges to the Circular Agri-food System”.
Together with the other participants, Justus discussed the concept of circular agro-food systems, what it entails and what it adds to the sustainability of the agro-food system. Different policy measures launched by national governments in order to promote circularity have been discussed, alongside the actual benefits of a circular economy.

Beyond other points addressed in the discussion, Justus pointed out how “circular approach to the agri-food system will also provide new opportunities for farmers in terms of new job opportunities and we hope it will also increase farm income and stimulate rural development”.
The discussion has also identified what is hampering or delaying the transition to circular agro-food systems as well as the international trade implications these are expected to bring.
In the final part of the workshop, speakers participated to a roundtable discussion on the policies and other concrete actions which are needed to create an environment able to foster the transition towards circular agro-food systems.

Click here to download the paper “Opportunities and Policy Challenges to the Circular Agri-food System.”