What Tools Do We Need to Make More Sustainable Choices for the Bioeconomy?

The BioMonitor project released its first info-pack on its Model Toolbox. This will serve as an explanatory guide for policy makers and industries to better analyse and implement bioeconomy strategies within Europe

Press release - 10 Mar 2021

In the past, we have released a policy brief on the indicators that we can use to monitor the sustainable development of the European bioeconomy. With this info-pack, we will elaborate more on the tools we need to quantify those indicators. It will serve as a guide for policy makers and the industries alike to make better decisions on the bioeconomy in the long-run.

Models have been used to assess the potential impacts of different strategies put up in relation to the bioeconomy in Europe. The problem however is that present-day models only give you partitions of the bigger picture. Together they run the risk of overlaps and knowledge gaps, and therefore give us an incomplete and unfitting overview of the current situation of the bioeconomy within Europe.

We have worked on identifying five suitable simulation models, namely, AGMEMOD, BIOMAT, EFISCEN, EFI-GTM, and MAGNET. Together, they will cover multiple aspects of the bioeconomy. These have been further improved to accommodate emerging bio-based activities and products in the European market. The BioMonitor Model Toolbox thus allows policy makers and key actors within the bio-based industry to analyse the decisions they have made previously, and to decide the possible actions they must take to be aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

This info-pack elucidates on the different elements that make up the BioMonitor Model Toolbox and how these work with each other. It also outlines the similarities and differences of the chosen models based on their function as well as the value chains, indicators, geographical location and timeframe they cover.

Lastly, this document will serve as a prelude to our upcoming policy briefs that will elaborate more on the future scenarios we have developed for decision makers to gain new policy insights about the European bioeconomy by 2030 and 2050.


Access the info-pack on “BioMonitor Tools for Policy Makers and Industries: Analysing and Implementing Bioeconomy Strategies”


Cover photo by Gabriele Stravinskaite on Unsplash