Questioning the future of European agricultural research and innovation

Bucharest, April 15 2019 – BioMonitor project coordinator attended the High Level conference on Agricultural Research and Innovation, which took place from the 4th to the 5th of April in Bucharest during the Romanian presidency

News Post - 30 Apr 2019

The bioeconomy’s development, in particular, that of the agricultural and food sector, is one of the top priorities tackled by the Romanian presidency. They organised a high-level conference addressing the challenges and promises that the European bioeconomy and agricultural sector has for its citizens.

Experts and policymakers from the European bioeconomy and agricultural sector were invited to present two major aspects of the bioeconomy: its research and innovation priorities in agriculture and its policies and strategies at European and national levels.

The BioMonitor project seeks to address the latter concern as there is also an urgent need within Europe to enhance existing bioeconomy policies.  Justus Wessler, its project coordinator, gave a talk on “Financing and mobilization of small-scale investments in bioeconomy”. He was joined by representatives from the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.