Making European bioeconomy sustainable with the help of data

The BioMonitor project showcased its importance in helping out bio-based industries at a parallel session during the BBI-JU Stakeholder held on December 4 2019 in Brussels

News Post - 19 Dec 2019

For this year’s BBI-JU Stakeholder Forum, BioMonitor coordinator, Justus Wesseler (WUR), was invited to speak in a parallel round table session on “Addressing sustainability goals through bio-based innovation”. He was joined by Silvia Nanni (IEEP), Christine Goulay (Kering) and Elena Zika (BBI JU).

Photo taken by: BBI JU

In this session, he presented the BioMonitor project to the panel and to at least 300 participants. He explained BioMonitor’s role on aiding bio-based industries in creating better business strategies using an enhanced and comprehensive data set. These are based on United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) as shown in BioMonitor’s latest policy brief.

As mentioned by Justus during the session, “When it comes to sustainability issues there is still a lot of scientific uncertainty- that’s why we need more data and research.”

To see the full session:

The main objective of the BioMonitor project is to provide a sustainable and robust framework to various stakeholders in Europe. It will allow them to align their action plans and make the European bioeconomy circular and sustainable.


Cover photo by Niclas Ingvarsson on Unsplash