How does the European forest-based bioeconomy look like?

With the forest-based sector being one of the main pillars of the European bioeconomy, EFI published a paper in which they mapped its different trends in order to understand it current situation in detail.

News Post - 24 Apr 2019

Policies that support the European bioeconomy may only be deemed effective if these are based on the facts. With the forest-based sector being one of the pillars in the European bioeconomy, the European Forest Institute (EFI) has just released a study that maps out the actual research activity in the said field. The paper shows the different trends related to the funding, research and collaborative status of the forest-based bioeconomy at a regional and European perspective.

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Lovrić, M., Lovrić, N., Mavsar, R., 2019. Mapping forest-based bioeconomy research in Europe. Forest Policy and Economics (in press).