Setting grounds on the Needs of the Bioeconomy

The 1st BioMonitor Stakeholder Workshop took place in Brussels on the 23rd of October. Its objective was to understand the needs of stakeholders with regards to the bioeconomy and its monitoring system.

Press release - 27 Nov 2018

BioMonitor’s 1st Stakeholder Workshop was held on October 23 in Brussels. The BioMonitor team gave a brief overview about BioMonitor and its goals. Moreover, they presented a set of indicators in relation to monitoring the bioeconomy and the BioMonitor Model Toolbox – which are the key elements to BioMonitor’s framework.

In the duration of the workshop, the BioMonitor team sat down with stakeholders from the international business and public sector and discussed about the objectives, criteria and indicators which should be included in the system. In this way, their perspective will be integrated while setting up the bioeconomy monitoring system, which is being developed by the BioMonitor project.

At the beginning, participants were divided into two groups wherein indicators and challenges of the bioeconomy were discussed. Later on, another set of group discussions were arranged to identify the training needs of data providers and data users.

The full report will be made available on January 2019.

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