Economics and Policies in a Biobased Economy

To build a successful business idea rooted on the bioeconomy, you need to deal with the economics and policies governing the transition to bio-based products and resources.

News Post - 28 Feb 2019

Want to be part of this solution? Join the MOOC program, Economics and Policies in a Biobased Economy, which will be taught by BioMonitor’s project coordinator, Justus Wesseler, together with Dusan Drabik and Hans van Meijl from the Wageningen University & Research, both of whom are involved in the project as well.

You will be able to explain the economic and policy-related issues affecting the bioeconomy at an European and international scale, identify and assess the different factors driving the growth of the circular bioeconomy.

This self-paced MOOC course starts on April 02, 2019 and is free of charge.

To register and know more about the MOOC course, click here.

It is part of Wageningen University & Research’s MicroMasters program “Business and Economics for a Circular Economy”.