D1.1 “Framework for measuring the size and development of the bioeconomy”

A conceptual analysis framework for quantifying and analysing the development of the EU bioeconomy.

News Post - 08 Oct 2019

The EC’s 2018 Bioeconomy Strategy Update has set the bioeconomy as high priority on the political agenda and has indicated three main action areas which have been taken as guidelines to define the scope or contents to be covered by the BioMonitor monitoring and measuring framework.

These are: 1. Strengthening and scaling-up the bio-based sectors, unlocking investments and markets; 2. Deploying local bioeconomies rapidly across Europe; 3. Understanding the ecological boundaries of the bioeconomy.

In D1.1 “Framework for measuring the size and development of the bioeconomy” the drivers of the development of the bioeconomy have been analysed, as they provide important information for monitoring activities. The relevant sectors have been identified alongside the indicators that are going to be quantified and monitored. The BioMonitor framework will in particular focus on the bio-based sectors (whilst the traditional part of the bioeconomy is already monitored). The selected indicators commit to the EU Bioeconomy Strategy objectives and are conform to findings from previous studies and stakeholder consultations.

Additionally, in the document contains new indicators related to measuring the impact of changes in supply, demand drivers, resource availability and policies on sustainability goals have been recommended.


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