Always use your indicator: BioMonitor shows importance of indicators during Italy’s Bioeconomy Day

BioMonitor's Claudio Soregaroli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) stressed the need for indicators and monitoring for developing the bioeconomy value chain in Milan during the National Bioeconomy Day on 23 May.

News Post - 28 Aug 2019

As part of the National Bioeconomy Day in Italy, a workshop was organised by the SPRING cluster and Assobiotec to look at the challenges and opportunities for setting up bio-based value chains. Claudio presented how the BioMonitor project tackles data gaps, improvement of modelling tools and stakeholder engagement.


To a 100-strong audience, he emphasised that “the project consortium wasn’t just interested in indicators that are relevant now, but also in those that will be relevant in the future.


An interesting presentation was the Bioeconomy Pilot of the Vanguard Initiative’s bioaromatic demo-case where lignocellulose can lead to outputs relevant for a broad spectrum of chemicals, materials, and product applications.  “For new applications like this, the challenge becomes the selection of the key products and supply chains to monitor and where to test, validate and fine-tune the indicators developed in BioMonitor. If we can anticipate and monitor the products that will be most successful in the future, we can capitalise the research investments of the project.” Claudio said.


The event was one of the main gatherings in the Lombardy region for the National Bioeconomy Day. It gathered private companies, Italy’s national research council and academia.